Meet Laura


Meet Laura

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My name is Laura, I am sporty, and I like traveling and meeting new people with whom to share ideas and experiences. The passion for my work derives from many aspects of my character. Both my studies and my experiences abroad have influenced my profession bringing me to where I am now. I live where the Alps meet with Lake Como creating the most spectacular scenery of this marvelous region that extends to Switzerland. While traveling I had the opportunity to rediscover and appreciate the beauty of these areas.

 After I finished my studies of architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan and KTH of Stockholm, and many work experiences in Italy, Ireland, and Switzerland, I moved back to Italy. Many people I've met who moved or lived abroad, turned to me to assist them in preliminary technical evaluations, in the design and construction of their second house in the most beautiful locations in the mountains, to the lake and the sea because they trusted and knew me. I loved those experiences. From there I started to develop my own dream job which allowed me to work in different contexts staying in touch with people from different countries all over the world.


I am the architect, and owner of the studio and my goal is to work with you and take care of all the technical and logistical aspects that will allow you to enjoy the experience of finding your dream house in Italy.

Make your dream comes true as I did for my job.

Find and create your dream house with me.