Buy & Renovate Property in Italy.


Buy & Renovate Property in Italy.

“Wherever you love, we'll help you buy and renovate property in Italy.”


 "Our work was our dream.

Let us help to realize yours."



Our group of professionals can help you at every stage of the process of buying and renovating property in Italy.

After years of practice and studies abroad, we have collected a big wealth of experience on projects and the different approaches throughout countries and regions. 

We are based in Switzerland and in Lake Como area.   

We assist people from abroad to find, buy, design, budgeting, timing, finding builders, and project management of property located in the most spectacular regions in Italy.


You will fall in love with the experience!


Sometimes the selected property does not show its full potential or does not reflect your tastes and therefore needs to be renewed.

The studio offers the experience and professional knowledge to create your dream home in Italy.

Day after day we will create your dream home, defining costs, times, and procedures right from the start. We will build a relationship of trust that will be the basis of our collaboration.

We will help you find the best builders, and artisans, and manage the renovation work by ensuring they are properly executed, and in full compliance with the established schedule and budget.


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